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MPR - Submission
[me] wings
neenie wrote in ways_back_room
Hey all -- Remember me doing that Milliways Public Radio thing a bit ago?

I'm looking to put another ep together by the end of the month. Since several people wanted to participate in the recording department, I figured now is as good of a time as any to give it a go. So!

Topics and Overview!

Email me at asap with just a quick sentence of what your bit is going to be about -- the last thing we need is twelve submissions all about the same thing when one would do. Please submit your no more than two minute clip to me before March 28th, in a common-to-use format. (wav, mp3, something someone dumb could get to on a Mac, etc.)

That's not a lot of time, Steph!

I know, I know -- here's my reasoning behind it, though: We don't want these things getting extremely long just yet. Building interest is my goal at the moment. Here's the best part -- if you email me with "OMG Steph I have the best idea ever, but it'll be five minutes long and won't be ready until the middle of next month", here's my guaranteed reply: "OMFG YAY - send it to me when it's ready and it'll go in the next ep!" See, I'm easy.

I don't have any clue what topic to pick.

Here are some ideas: thread pimps, trivia about characters, plot summaries, newbie mun interviews. Your meandering thoughts as to why people should talk about the Milliways garage more. Research into millicanon of the Yellow Bra (TM). There's a bajillion and a half things. Email me if you need further help.

I have questions on the technical end of things.

Uh...that's nice. *COMPLETELY USELESS* Feather is my master when it comes to those things. I am hoping technically-proficient people will comment here with helpful tips or contact info if someone has a question. As far as what I can download from, I'll email you about that individually.

Can I include liner notes? What ARE liner notes, when it comes to podcasts?

Liner notes are, for example, if you refer to a thread you should send me a link to that thread when you send me your clip. Pictures are good as well.

Any formatting notes I should be aware of?


1. When you start off your clip, your personal intro should not be more than a sentence or so: "Hi, this is Mu Ji, and I am your plotthread summarizer for today's episode" is perfectly sufficient, since I'll probably end up recording segues for all of the clips.

2. At the moment, no copyrighted music in your clips. A) This eats into your time limit, and B) I'm trying not to push our collective luck, here. This is subject to change at a later date, but I'm just throwing that out there. I'm sure there are gaboodles of places on the internets to get fun sound effect clips to add. *hugs GarageBand*

How can I get in contact with you if I have any questions?
Email: (Put MPR or Radio or something in the subject so I reply quicker)
AOL: stephmuji
gchat: the above email address
Smoke signals: ______ ^ ^ ^ ___ ^ ____ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^.

ETA: I forgot to add a thing: While I am not saying you can't talk about your own characters/plots you are involved in, I would vastly prefer you to go outside of your comfort zone. If needs be, I will institute a rule: if you are a regular recording contributor, you can talk about your own characters/things 1 time, then the next time has to not be about something you are associated with, and it will go back and forth like that.

Goodness, I ramble.

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I want to make a cranky Ted Koppel-esque commentary.

--except not really, because I doubt I could do justice to Ted Koppel's style of cranky.

Do a cranky Midge-esque commentary.

Oh crap, I forgot to add a thing.

Do you have a link to the original handy? I kept trying to listen to it and my computer wouldn't cooperate.

Also, interested!

Would uploading it to sendspace be better? I have it on this computer, but only uploaded to that one spot.

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O HAI that sounds awesome! *jumps up and down!*

(Deleted comment)
*raises hand* Count me in!

(Deleted comment)
A) a microphone

And two turntables?

I would do it if a) I had the tech skillz/equipment, and b) I wasn't afraid my Gordon voice would take over completely.

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HI I LOVE THIS KIND OF THING. If you have too many I'll get in on the next one, but I already do audio-drama podcasting and would love to sign on for more.

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Ooh, ooh, tag me! I'd LOVE to. Are people also reading narration?

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
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(Deleted comment)
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I have an idea! Could we read bits of our canons, if they're, say, books or whatever? Or other people's canons, even.

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