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Gene - LoM Team
fightingthecage wrote in ways_back_room
Because I have five minutes before my lecture starts and I'm bored.

1. Everyone seen The Mask? Imagine it found its way into the bar and accidentally glued itself to your pup's face. What would they turn into? What deep, hidden characteristics would it bring out? What havoc would be wrought, on other individuals or on the bar at large?

ALTERNATIVELY (or both, if you're keen, as I will be after this lecture) - -

2. Ficlet time! Post your pup in for prompts, respond to others, just write what you feel like - gimme fic, people! I am of a creative bent today.

And Happy Friday, y'all. :D

ETA: Don't know about anyone else, but notifs appear to still be down for me. Just a head's up, in case you think no one's prompting you, etc. :)

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I would adore prompts since I have energy as it feels like spring's actually on its way.

Will Scarlett
Moist von Lipwig
Jane Austen
William Evans
The Pirate King

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the fear in the boy, the fire in the man

A gun and a badge aren't much when you're riding alone after someone stupid enough to rustle cattle near the railroad. They just need to catch this man and send him to Yuma, William wishes he'd chosen an easier path.

When he passes a man shot for his horse, he dismounts and covers it with stones, no one deserves the buzzards. Then he rides faster, he's sure the man he's chasing never saw the face of the man he killed just as Charlie Prince never saw his Pa's face.

It doesn't take long to finally catch the rustler since the stolen horse was going lame and William doesn't listen to his talk just shoots the gun out of his hand and ties him up.

All the way back to Bisbee he gets cursed out but he doesn't care, he knows that the man's only yelling at his badge. He's doing something for the forgotten deaths.

No one knew the game better than Vetinari, Moist felt like he should have learned this already but again he was faced with something he couldn't get out of.

His suit fit perfectly, they always did but standing in this office, always made Moist want to fix his tie or his cuffs but he couldn't, it wasn't done.

Somehow he agreed to look into a little issue of the audits for the Guilds with a smile that hurt.

When he went out, he met Vimes who gave him one of his know everything smiles, "Keeping busy, Lipwig?"

"Quite, your Grace, and yourself?"

"I'll know soon, watch your step," Then he was gone into the office and Moist ground his teeth. He missed being able to run, but he was known and watched.

Sameth - not just to rebuild the Kingdom, but to make it greater than before

Rebuilding is always building

The years passed by full of time and worry and Sam worked on the Wall and the stones. In the Old Kingdom, some of the Mages were aware of when he did more than just mending, the Charter resonated with joy.

Lirael would find a spell went easier and Sabriel would smile as she returned from Death. Most of the time though he knew what he did and the Charter was there bright and strong pushing him onward.

One night when his children stood equal to him, he returned from the reservoir with glow that made everyone in the study turn. They could feel that something was different, but no one had the words.

He smiled at them and said, "I think they're healed."

"And more," Touchstone whispered before standing and hugging his son, the Wallmaker.

Will-Billy-Doc-- They've Trapped Us Boys

Bill-Demeter-- Summer storms

William-- Scratching a living from desert sand.

Scratching a living from desert sand.

He feels like he's bathed in dust, a storm came up out of nowhere when they were moving the herd and now they're just trying to not lose each other. Mark's already starting to cough and William's doing all he can to keep the herd organized takes all they have.

By the time the wind lifts, the herd's scattered and they spend the rest of the day rounding them up and finally making it home. They didn't lose any but it doesn't eel like they did more than just survive today.

William - rumors of tigers in Arizona.

It had been a rough year, there was another drought and the railroad kept grabbing land. William had rode out with the sheriff a few times, but the sheriff didn't like it, he'd give him looks. Sometimes it worried William but then he'd think about doing right so that more men like his Pa don't have to die.

Lately there'd been talk of strange attacks near the railroad and in town, men that everyone was glad to see slowed though they wouldn't say it.

After one on the edge of Bisbee, William though he saw something in a shadow, a curling cat and shook his head. Circuses didn't come out their way and strange creatures that were comfortable around people were meant for Milliways.

Next time he found the Bar, he bought a bottle of vodka for Katya and wrote a note asking her to come to dinner.

Re: Look in the shadows

Bweeeheeeheee. :D

Katya: ... Railroads? No, I know nothing of these railroads. *innocents about like an innocent thing*

Demeter - "She's late. But she can't be late!"

Moist - "There's no one that can't be swindled. Except, perhaps, an actually good person."

Will Scarlett - The first time he put his life on the line for someone else.

In Nottingham, everyone looked out for each other but especially when you lived on the market square and were on the edges of respectable.

Will can't recall the first time he ran in front of the guards for a friend, he just did it. Then he kept doing it because his red hair made him easier to follow and gave everyone else a better chance of escaping.

He knew he was quick enough to dodge the guards and get safe before things got bad. The day he met Robin was a day that it all went bad, but that was part of how things worked on the edges in Nottingham.

Demeter - The cries of a mother for her child and a child for her mother will never be forgotten.

Demeter had cried over so many children since no matter how hard you tried, sometimes they would die. Each new death brought tears though Demeter learned to hide hers. Not everyone woman wished to share her pain and Demeter respected that.

She had wandered and hidden her face so her grief for Kore was hers alone. For she felt sure that no one could do anything and couldn't bear to be comforted.

Other times, she would keen with a woman who had just held her child and felt the last breath go from it.

There were some winters where it felt like she went from house to house of mourning and would disappear herself as the grief pushed in on her. After those winters, she would hug Kore fiercely when she returned and her daughter would never ask just hold her mother tight.

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