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[nature] lollipop heart
neenie wrote in ways_back_room
Screw it.

Love Meme

Leave your name (or I will!), and people will inform you why you, your playing, your dog, is/are awesome.

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mm_spinelstar - Karin(-Kake)

Edited at 2011-06-28 06:56 pm (UTC)

Karin, I love any chance we have to talk and thread as you inspire me.

First, you're more adorable than you know. Second, you're more intuitive than you know and third, you're just the biggest sweetheart. MORE ALWAYS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.

<3 <3 <3 you! And <3 Data (and Lore, for giving both myself and Sariel the crawlies), and not just because I'm a fellow TNG mun. :)

KARIN-KAAAAAKE! *TACKLES FOREVER* You are just pure, pure, pure sweetness. I break into a grin every time you visit crackchat (and, it has to be said, make my best Honey-sempai impression, out loud, to myself, endlessly amused). I have adored every opportunity we've had to thread together, even if I have been a complete flake. You're brave, sister. You're talented, and you are so much fun to be around. Thank you for letting me play with you! ♥

Karin is like candy. :3

Sweet and colourful and someone who makes me go :D! every time I see you around. <3

You mun an absolutely amazing Data!

You are made of amazing. You stole into my world and you turned everything upside down. And you let me read these truly amazing fics that were full of such light and life and darkness and truth and deep, deep emotions.

And then you took on Roselie, and you did so many things I did not expect. And it was always brilliant. And you never gave me a reason to worry about ever. And then you moved and I got to see the world through your eyes.

And I am so blessed, so deeply, deeply, blessed to know you.

You are one of the most fun people I have ever rp'd with. Your Data-voice is so spot on, it gives me cold chills. I hope some day we can thread again.

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